Tuesday 1 June 2021

All go this morning!

Mornin' all


Just a run-down on my morning so far:


I've taken my morning pills, listened to Steve talk about one of the YouTubers he follows, completed the daily virus scan, made breakfast and a hot drink and started working my way through the news.  There wasn't any writing news for my writing site and blog nor the first couple of sections of my homepage either, so I've just got one more set of news to work through on my homepage (and this blog), then I'll make a start on the navigation site's news bits and bobs.

My carer has phoned up about my prescriptions and apparently they will definitely be delivered tomorrow.  I'm expecting a letter that needs to be signed for before 11am and apparently the enabler is coming to drop off the laminated task list that she's done for us and we're having meat-free hot dogs for lunch as a change from our usual burgers.  


It's the deep virus scan tomorrow so Steve's got a beef lasagne and garlic bread to have and I'll finish off the bag of salad for my lunch... might have a salad sarnie for a change.

I'm wondering if I've got diabetes or if I'm just addicted to sugar 'cos I drink a litre of pop as soon as I come downstairs then it takes the rest of the day to drink the other litre of pop.  My mouth feels dry in the morning, no matter how much I drink and I don't fancy drinking 4 litres every day, like I did yesterday, or I'll never be out of the bathroom❗ 😆

Gonna make a start on the rest of the news now, while I've still got the motivation to do it, then do my squats and first walk around the house of the day.

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