Thursday 10 June 2021

Book Review: The Lucky Escape by Laura Jane Williams

⭐ out of 5

This book, like with every book I read and review, will start off with the full 5 stars.

Oh dear.  I hope I'm wrong, but I'm under 1% through and have already found two errors multiple times that should have been picked up waaaay before it was published!  The first annoying error is that the author puts different characters speaking on the same line instead of in a new paragraph.  The second one is that there have been several occasions already where part of a sentence is on a new line, so you get literally two or three words on a line then the next line down the sentence carries on, so that's the first star lost already.  I seriously hope it improves from here on in.

Still at 1% and the author has used a brand name that I hope she's got written permission to use or she could get herself into hot water over.  I'm sorely tempted to knock off a second star, but I won't just yet.

The second star is coming off already 'cos chapter two starts on the same page as chapter one finishes, with just a number 2 separating them.  I was really looking forward to reading this book, but I'm struggling to find anything positive to say about it so far.

I know I've already knocked off a star for this, but having literally two or three words on a line before moving down a line and having two separate people talking on the same line is really getting on my nerves now, so I'm gonna knock off a second star which takes us down to 2 stars and I'm only 5% of the way through.  I'll be very surprised if I make it to 10% before I run out of stars and totally give up.

And it's the same with the start of chapter 3 too, so that's the fourth star coming off at 6%.  Either the publisher, Avon, is a self-publishing company, similar to KDP on Amazon and the author just couldn't be bothered to read her own book to fix the errors, or it was a genuine mistake on the editors part and they just approved it and hoped for the best.  I'll keep reading, but only until there's another unforgivable error.

Now the author is using a television show here in the UK and one of the very well-known presenters which could land the author in even more hot water, so at only 8% of the way through the book, I'm officially giving up and stopping reading.  I'm just grateful that I got it as a free ARC from NetGalley instead of paying for it and regretting every penny I wasted on it.

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