Sunday 13 June 2021

Tomorrow's grocery shop

I risked putting things that I wanted onto tomorrow's grocery order and I made a prediction to see what would happen.  That prediction was that the things that I'd put on that were for suitable for me would be taken off and Steve would replace them with things that were suitable only for him.

That prediction has come true.

I put on a couple of vegetable quiches for a change, they have come off and been replaced with a "medium pork pie" and two pizza's.  I put on a box of four baking potatoes which have been replaced with a cheaper pack of baking potatoes and 4 scotch eggs.  I could have everything that has been taken off, but now I can only have 2 of the 5 things that are on there 'cos the rest is meat.

My stuff comes to £5.35, Steve stuff comes to £18.55 which leaves the joint stuff at £15.52 so stuff for Steve alone is over £3 more expensive than the joint stuff and over triple my stuff, yet it's my stuff that comes off when Steve wants something else 😡

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