Tuesday 8 June 2021

I was right this morning, and...

...both Steve and D read this blog 'cos they've both mentioned in passing a couple of things I ranted about this morning lol  That's fair enough though, it's the only way anyone gives enough of a stuff to give a damn about what I think and feel, so I'll just keep on keeping on with this and leave it up to them to find out publically instead of shutting up and listening for more than 5 minutes/1 email 😀

I've taken my evening pills and done my last set of laps, but I'm wide awake now.  I'm gonna take the last replacement 5mg pill tomorrow evening, then I'm back to the cheaper and more effective ones so I'll prolly be down at around 5am again starting on Friday 😁

I've already decided that we're having omelette for lunch tomorrow to use up a considerable amount of our "mountain of eggs" and I bet I won't be getting porridge tomorrow morning again either... that's OK though, I've gotta get into a new routine of what I can have for breakfast that doesn't send me significantly over my calorie budget by lunch-time, like having 2 slices of toast and dairy free spread used to when I needed to put on the weight.

Steve's medical appointment has been cancelled tomorrow 'cos the nurse is off work sick, so I'm gonna have a shower and wash my hair first thing so that there's enough hot water for it to be above tepid, then Steve can use the rest of the emersion heater water to wash his hair after that.  It only needs to be every 6-ish weeks that we both wash our hair and I only have a bath when I'm going for a medical appointment or to see Steve's family, so the hot water won't need to be on again for me until a few days before my Neurology appointment on my mum's birthday.

The virus scan finished and didn't find any nasties again, I need to remember not to open my email programmes tomorrow 'cos of the weekly scan, then I'll do the backups and restore point and hopefully be able to download my emails before bedtime.

Gonna finish up on Facebook and reply to a comment on there as well as a couple of emails, then head to bed for an early night.  Doubt I'll post again before the morning now, so I'll say goodnight to you all now.  Sleep well and stay safe everyone!

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