Saturday 19 June 2021

I managed to get things sorted without too many hitches... now my machine is installing all the updates and it's been switched on for 26 hours so far.  

Managed to get my emails working and my antivirus programme re-sorted, so now it's time to sit around doing nothing until the backups have finished.  Gotta remember to sort out the spreadsheets and reinstall the FTP details for my sites, but I'm not gonna do that until all the updates have installed and my computer has recovered lol

I've taken my morning pills, made a hot drink and breakfast for both of us, so now it's time to close down the browser and just sit here waiting for things to finally get sorted again.

I've potentially found the solution to the printer problems, so I wanna give those a go too.  Might print off the webpage now and work through the steps so that I can actually do something productive while the updates are lumbering through... I'm just glad that this didn't happen during January or November especially lol

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