Monday 28 June 2021

Just a smidgen over 3 hours this time!

I've definitely run two deep, monthly scans this morning and they've definitely taken under 3.5 hours each, compared to the over 20 hours that it took last month, so I'm happy with that and it means that I can definitely have a solid lunch today.


The hours have just completely melted away with the book too... up to chapter 5 of it already!  Means I can check my emails to see if I've got anything from Morrisons about today's order with them yet.

I've put the Fitbit spreadsheet up on my homepage so I'm all set for reading for the rest of the day now and I can't wait!

I've taken my pills and I think the rubbish collectors have just reversed down our tiny street, so I'll go and bring the rubbish bag in before I carry on reading.

My carer has just said that we're still gonna be having zoop for lunch 'cos of the shopping, even though my virus scan has finished in plenty of time, so I'm gonna make myself a couple of slices of bread and spread to go with it, to try and increase my calories even more then.  I bet it'll be me making the soup and bringing it in too, so my carer won't be caring for me at all today, yet I've already cared for him for 5½ hours and it's not even 11.45am yet so it's gonna be another 10-12 hour day of caring for my carer.  Again.

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