Friday 11 June 2021

So far so good this morning...

...I've just finished the focus group thing and D's letter for the Neurologist has just come through the door, so I just need to print of C's letter then wait for Steve's and I'm all sorted.


I think Steve's gone out to put our lunch on and I realised that I haven't had any caffeine so far this week and I genuinely haven't missed it... not sure I even want to at the weekend either, but we shall see how I feel each morning before I decide for certain.


Today is gonna be a good day... I've already decided.  Anything negative that happens will just slide off like water off a duck's back.


If you're reading this, D, I can feel my twins but haven't seen the fox or deer anywhere yet, not even yesterday when I spent over 4 hours with the in-laws lol

I've done my morning laps and I think I can smell our lunch cooking, so I'll eat that then consider doing my afternoon laps in a few hours... it was weird not going outside this morning, like I have been daily for a little while now, I even opened the back door before I remembered about the ferrule thingies on my quad cane being out of action!

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