Thursday 24 June 2021

Just got back from the hospital and...

The letters from my two friends, Steve and me definitely helped and he wants me to go for another scan, but because my "vitamin deficiency was so significant" (direct quote) when I was rushed in, the damage is permanent with no hope of it ever improving.  He wants me to have another scan just to get an up to date look at the damage but he reckon's I've hit the plateau now and there won't be any more improvements in my memory, my mobility or anything else, so I've just got to make the best of a bad situation now.

He was the same Neuro that I was under while I was in hospital and while he didn't remember my name, he had a quick glance at my notes before I was called in and he remembered it all again - from 18 years ago lol

My carer spent 2 hours and 5 minutes supporting me while I was at the hospital, which is exactly 5 minutes longer than the rest of the week combined, so we're currently at 4 hours and 5 minutes of care by my carer so far this week, which I at least double in caring for him in a single day, but apparently he "does everything for her" and I do buggar all to support him.  🤷

Basically I can't expect to get any better than this for the rest of my life now 😞


As predicted my carer doesn't fancy cooking, so our lunch is gonna be biscuits and possibly bread and butter if my legs feel stable enough to stand for that long.


Just had a reminder to take my afternoon pill, so I'd best do that now before I forget.

Time to crack on with the news that I started this morning now, before I forget.



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