Thursday, 10 June 2021

So far this year...

...Steve's seen his family for getting on for six times the amount of time I've seen my mum since the start of 2010.


I saw her for three lots of 2 hours when my father (RIP) brought her over, a huge 6 hours for my father's funeral then another 4 hours at the end of Summer 2010, which adds up to 16 hours in a year, if my maths is right, yeah?  Steve easily sees his family for 16 hours every MONTH - either for being transport to his medical appointments (4 lots of 2 hours a month), his sister coming over twice a week to drop off the shopping that we've needed since the groceries were delivered on the Monday (getting on for an hour a month), hair cuts (like today, is another 4 hours) and just general socialising with them whenever they all fancy it (another 4 hours a month).  


Then there's Christmas every year too... we haven't spent a single Christmas away from his family since we've been together (so currently, as of 2020, that's 22 years) and not even a single one with my mum.  I missed the 2002 Christmas when I was alone and unconscious, 'cos Steve's family are obviously more important to him than his severely ill wife who had to be blue-lighted into hospital by the time he got home that night.

But apparently I'm selfish for wanting to go over and see my mum before she dies 😞😡😢

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