Tuesday 15 June 2021

Feeling pretty grotty thanks to my hayfever, but...

...I've taken my morning pills, attached the tomato plants to the stick things, completed the virus scan and made breakfast for my carer, so now I can carry on reading the book.


I've decided against doing any news today, I just need a day off and to be selfish for a while is all.


The ferrules are due today "by 10pm" apparently, and I've got two sizes so that I can be sure one of them is the right size, then I'll hopefully get help to put them on and I'll be good to go again.

We're having jacket tatties, cheese and beans for me and Steve's potentially gonna have chicken curry with his.  I've asked him to ask his mum to get another tub of spread and more baked beans, but I bet he'll forget... again!

Gonna get on with the reading now.  BBL.

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