Thursday 10 June 2021

Just under 4.5 hours later and...

...we've just got back from having our hairs cut.  


One of the feet on my quad cane came off and the same one is currently unavailable 😟 which is frustrating, but it's done me well since August 2013 and it wasn't that expensive, so that's impressive going.  I'm doing an online focus group/survey thing tomorrow morning and getting a £45 Amazon voucher as a reward, so that's what it's gonna be used on... I'll be able to splash out on a more expensive quad cane that won't have cost me a penny.  As long as the feet stay on during my hospital visit then I won't be needing to use it outside the house and I'll be able to retire it to Freegle... there's nothing wrong with it, other than needing new feet, so if someone else invests in those then it can still definitely continue to be used.  I just hope that the new one serves me as well as the current one has and lasts longer than it predecessor (which lasted less than 18 months and wasn't used anywhere near as much as this one has been).

I'm not gonna risk doing my laps until I've got the new one in my hands, just in case I push it too far and it breaks before the hospital appointment.

I was only half an hour late with my afternoon pill, and that's been taken now, so that's it until this evening now.

My carer's just said, and I quote: "you won't be surprised to hear that I can't be arsed to stand over the cooker to make our lunch, sorry" so it'll be biscuits for lunch again... I suppose I should be grateful that he poured a glass of cherryade for me just now!

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