Thursday 3 June 2021

7 minutes away from...

...4 hours of care already this morning, so it's looking like another double figures day of care for my carer.


I've taken my morning pills, got everything together for UV22 and the support of friends has already started, so it's gonna be another day when I support others but they do buggar all to support me.


I'm expecting a battery delivery for my scales (I'm about 98% sure they're the right ones, but I won't know for sure until they are in the scales and I've successfully weighted myself) today, so that I can keep an eye on my weight again.  Gonna try using two batteries instead of a single one to see what happens this time.


The letter won't be coming today either, so that's 4 dates I've been given and a reason always comes up for it not being delivered - bet I'll get another day or couple of days when it'll be promised again but quelle surprise it won't turn up then either.  It's not often that I ask for support, but I rarely get it for more than a couple of messages/minutes.  I asked Steve, C and D to write the letter for me at exactly the same time 'cos I sent the request to all three of 'em in the same letter, but so far it's only C who has produced the goods.  Steve knows how my memory affects me better than anyone 'cos we live together, but he hasn't even started writing the letter or updating his notes yet, 'cos he reckon's he'll be allowed in to the appointment with me - but what if he isn't 'cos of Covid??

I've just heard Facebook Messenger ping, so I'd better go and support this friend again too and have to attempt to squeeze in time to work on the news this afternoon instead... same as always.

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