Wednesday 2 June 2021

Blimey Charlie!

There was only news for my writing site today, so the rest of the day is all mine❗  I'm pondering on studying today so that I don't go crazy with supporting others online, but I might read that other book I bought for researching my next story... haven't decided on the age of the characters yet though so dunno if it'll be an early reader for 5 year olds (which I've already got several of) or possibly an early chapter book for 5-7 year olds (which I've only got one of) or maybe even crack on with my editing pile 'cos there's three waiting in there, including two early chapter books.  Dunno yet, what do you reckon I should do❓


I've already done my morning laps and squats, watered the tomato plants and the virus scan is 72% finished already, so I don't wanna get too involved in anything otherwise I'll have to stop to do my weekly backups then I'll forget what I've been doing and have to start all over again.


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