Sunday 20 June 2021

What a waste of the day that was!

The software that I found this morning could have apparently, potentially, deleted important Windows files, so I immediately stopped it and uninstalled it and I'm just gonna have to be a week behind on the care spreadsheet is all, and start with the previous weeks spreadsheet and put some kind of note that this week wasn't recorded for technical reasons and hope that the one I've got saved isn't corrupted too!  If it is, I'll start from scratch with a totally new spreadsheet next week.


I've just taken my pills, so I'm gonna attempt to put the previous spreadsheet onto my machine from the backups from the week before and just keep my fingers crossed.




You know what?


I really am going to start from scratch again and remember not to use OneDrive this time.  It's only one document that I've lost though, so that ain't bad going at all.


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