Tuesday 29 June 2021

Can't remember what I've done since this morning, but...

...we both had a huge lunch and the entire afternoon has passed in a total blur.  I've completed a few surveys but got screened out of most of them lol


I've just taken my last two pills of the day, so I'll attempt a few more surveys until I start feeling sleepy, then head to bed.

Our bird seed feeder thingy is totally covered in yet more green leaves from our neighbour at our back wall, just like before, so I've asked Steve to move it over onto the side wall, when he gets back from his medical appointment tomorrow, so that the birds can still eat and feed their little chicks and stuff.  Steve's agreed, but I bet it won't happen, so I'll be left to either do it myself or ask his sister to do it.  It only needs to be done once then refilled, but he never does things like that and I can't afford to bribe him with Toblerone or jelly beans until our electricity debt has been paid off.

I had some good news from the law centre this afternoon... things are headed in the right direction at long, long last.

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