Friday 4 June 2021

Well, this afternoon has been pleasantly different to usual!

After I had me lunch and took the plates back through to the kitchen, I took my 5th pill of the day and went out for my second set of laps.  Nothing new there, right?


Because of all the carbs in the pasta bake I've been very sleepy this afternoon so haven't done much, but eating almost an entire packet of chocolate biscuits was over 1000 calories which sent my 'calories in' graph on FitBit through the roof and it was still light outside, so I figured I'd attempt a third set of laps before taking my last two pills and heading to bed. 

Oh boy am I feeling it now 🤣

I'm heading off to bed to let my body recover from such an active day today, so I'm signing off for the day now, but I'll hopefully be back again tomorrow morning, so I'll see you all then.

Nite nite 4 now 💤

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