Thursday 24 June 2021

Getting incredibly nervous now

My appointment is at 11am 🕚 and I'm hoping Marie will pick us up at like 10.30am 🕥 so that she's got plenty of time to find a parking spot and me an' 'im have got plenty of time to get to the department and recover before we're called in.


I've had 2 bananas 🍌 for breakfast and decided against the yoghurts after all.  I can almost guarantee that my carer won't want to cook lunch, so I'll have chocolate milkshake and yoghurts for my lunch and maybe a couple of slices of bread and butter if I'm stable enough on my feet to do it by the time we get home.

My carer is currently catching up on his sleep 💤.  Again.  So I'm having to monitor his breathing... again.  Over 100 minutes of care already this morning and he's done literally nothing for me, yet apparently he "does everything for her" and I do "bugger all" to support him.  Yesterday I cared for my carer for 9 hours and 25 minutes and he cared for me for 35 minutes by cooking lunch for both of us for 34 minutes and pouring me a glass of pop for 1 minute - that's literally all he did as my carer yesterday.  I'm gonna give him credit as my carer from the time his mum calls 📞 to say Marie is on her way all the way to when I log back into my machine 💻 again so that he'll get about an hour of care for today to his credit.

The virus scan was clear again 👍 but I had to reboot 'cos my internet connection died, so I'm guessing I opened up my programmes too quickly this morning and I need to be more patient about how quickly I open them in future, so that I don't have to reboot each time... annoying but necessary I guess 🤷


I've taken my morning pills 💊 and they kicked in pretty quickly again, thankfully.

Gonna make a start on the news for my writing site now, to give me something to concentrate on, rather than getting more and more anxious.

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