Monday 17 January 2022

Looks like...

...I won't be eating today 'cos my carer has just said "I won't be cooking for lunch today 'cos I just can't be arsed so I'll pick at nuts and biscuits instead" so that's 100% wrong so far, considering he tells everyone that he "makes all her meals for her" so I'll be going hungry for the first day this week.

I'm making a prediction now, at 11.38am, that he won't want to cook tomorrow either, Wednesday is soup anyway ('cos of the weekly virus scan) which I can pretty much guarantee I'll be making, he'll come up with an excuse not to cook on Thursday 'cos that's hash browns and veg (although if he's gonna cook at all this'll be the most likely day), Friday is the Tofuu/chicken steaks and veg which he won't wanna cook 'cos it involves cooking two different things, Saturday is chilli which I doubt he'll cook and Sunday is hot dogs which I reckon he won't want to cook because it involves two different things again.

This week'll be good for me losing the extra weight then, especially as I'll be exercising too.

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