Sunday 30 January 2022

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now!

I've just taken my last lunch-time pill of the week and realised that I've taken every single supplement I've needed to this week and I haven't touched the 5-HTP at all either!  No wonder I've felt so much better this week - I've given myself everything I've needed to at the right time so that I can function properly!

Apparently "the carrots are still a bit firm for my liking so it'll be a bit longer yet" according to my carer, which is fine by me, even though I eat raw carrots with no problem at all.  He likes soft carrots though, so we'll be having a late lunch after all.

I've also already hit 6 hours of caring for my carer today, but he won't even reach 1½ hours for the entire week, so I've just gotta put in another 5 hours of care to have achieved an 85 hour week and my carer is significantly in debt again even though, apparently, he "cooks all her meals for her" and "does everything for her" which the spreadsheets have proved that's total bollox!

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