Saturday 15 January 2022

Busy, busy, busy!

I've spend the last 3 hours elbows deep in editing, so have got 4 less to do tomorrow now.  It takes about half an hour for each Early Reader to be edited, so I'm hoping I'll be a good chunk of the way through the entire folder by this time tomorrow, then I can make a start on another folder and keep on keeping on until I've got through every single manuscript I've written.

I've taken my pills and the side effects are already starting to kick in and I can't open either of my email programmes for some reason, so I'm thinking that might be the universes way of telling me to head to bed soon, so I'm gonna close down all my various apps and head off to bed for an early night now.

See you all at some point in the morning.

Nite nite orl.

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