Tuesday 18 January 2022

Mornin' all

I didn't manage an early night after all last night, 'cos I spent the hour between shutting down and heading to bed, caring for my carer again so clocked up 12 hours and 11 minutes after all yesterday.

I've taken my morning pills, started the daily virus scan and checked my emails this morning.  Our groceries are due in a few hours and we're supposed to be having vegan sausage rolls and veg for lunch, but I'm making two predictions right now, at 6.51am, that there will be substitutions on some of our groceries that Steve won't want, but will accept and it'll go to waste again and the second prediction is that Steve won't want to cook lunch again either and I refuse to resort to eating biscuits for every meal again, so I'll be going hungry if he doesn't cook today.

The virus scan was clear again, so I'm safe for the rest of the day now.

Time for me to have a read of my emails now I reckon.

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