Saturday 29 January 2022

Looks like today will be...

...another day with no food, 'cos my carer has just said that he's "not gonna cook the stew after all today and I'll have soup or a double MugShot instead" and he's expecting me to make it so I won't be able to make anything for myself after I've made his food, I haven't had anything solid for breakfast and it's rare that I eat in the evenings, so todays calories will just be from the orange juice I had for breakfast so I will be living on literally 42 calories all day.  I doubt he'll cook tomorrow 'cos he's already cooked twice this week, so tomorrow is potentially another 42 calorie day.

I'm fed up of him getting credit for things he hasn't done.  I should have had 11 meals by now, going by what he tells everyone, but I've only actually had 2 and it'll be the same next week too.

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