Friday 21 January 2022

Mornin' all

So far this morning, I've:

  • Taken my pills
  • Made my carer's breakfast
  • Washed up
  • Started the virus scan (still clear - yay!)
  • Had breakfast (orange juice) for the first time in several weeks
  • Cared for my carer for over an hour and a half

My to-do list today looks like this:

  • Monitor my carer's reaction to his new milk
  • Re-start my laps again
  • Potentially make lunch for my carer
  • Support friends
  • Charge up my FitBit


I also spent an hour caring for my carer after I'd shut down my computer so yesterday's caring total ended up being 13 hours and 3 minutes of care by me, so the weekly total went up to 46 hours and 44 minutes, which means I've already worked over 11 hours overtime as of last night and 13 hours overtime if you include this morning's care too so it's looking like it'll be a pretty easy 80 hour week this week 'cos I've only gotta do another 33 and a bit hours in 3 days, which is a smidgen over 11 hours a day which I've easily worked through every day this week, so I'll be working the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs without any kind of pay or recognition.  I doubt my carer will hit much over an hour this week, yet he's being paid and recognised to care for me for a minimum of 35 hours a week which he doesn't even do when I have hospital or GP appointments!

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a mini rant, didn't it lol

The money for my Graze box was taken overnight, so I'll be able to get a few calories from that next week when my carer decides not to cook again.  I'm gonna make more of an effort to keep to my 'only eating whan my carer cooks' decision next week, which'll mean the majority of the week with me drinking just water again.


I've already guzzled my way through last nights two cans of pop, some squash to take my pills with and a bottle of orange juice, so I've already drunk over a litre this morning and it's not even 8.30am yet!

My carer has just finished his cereal, so I'd better go and wash his bowl up for him so that it's not sitting around for a week again.


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