Thursday 27 January 2022

Just had my optician on the phone...

...they've had to rearrange my appointment slightly so that it's 20 minutes earlier and with someone different, but that's totally OK with me, just means that I'll have to leave the house earlier is all.  Might head off at 8.30am just to make sure that I can get there through all the rush-hour traffic.  It will give me just under an hour to get there which will hopefully be plenty of time and it's well overdue 'cos I last had me peepers checked in 2019 and I'm supposed to get 'em done every year, I just haven't been able to afford it for the last two years is all.

My carer's medical appointment has been cancelled today, so I'm gonna go and do my laps while he's awake, so that he can answer the door to my delivery lol

I've only got until 1pm before my lunchtime pill is due, so I'll wait until I've taken that before I start the laps.

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