Sunday 30 January 2022

Rubbish and recycling have...

...been taken out and Tuesday's groceries have been adjusted to take off literally half of my stuff to make room for Steve's milk, so the totals are now:

My stuff:  £1.85
Steve's stuff:  £24.69
Joint stuff:  £13.85

So yet again, Steve's stuff is significantly more than half of the entire grocery shop and the only reason that the joint stuff is over a tenner is 'cos of the toilet rolls costing £7.40 'cos our usual ones weren't available for some reason, yet they are the next two weeks and we need that many 'cos Steve get's through literally ⅔ of a roll per poo, but that same roll would last me almost a month so we go through 10 rolls a week if Steve poo's overnight too, which he does at least 2-3 times a week.

I've just had to add moisturiser to the shop for Steve too, so that takes his total up to £25.69 which is almost ⅔ of the entire order just for one person and the majority of it will go to waste.

I'm gonna go and get myself my first glass of water of the day now considering only one of us has had breakfast every day since the end of last year.


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