Sunday 23 January 2022

That's me done in now

Just done my laps and my entire body is telling me not to move off the sofa now.

My carer has just ordered his late lunch/early tea from Subway and I'm having a regular portion of crinkly wedges to get my energy back and vegan cookies to save for tomorrow.

I've managed 93 'Active Minutes' today and I've just gotta take another 1,015 steps before I fall asleep tonight to get my last vibration of the day from my FitBit.  I was literally 10 steps away yesterday but I had an extra 6 'Active Minutes' so I'm not expecting to hit the target today either, but that's OK 'cos it's the first week I've done laps every day for a looong time, so I'm not pushing myself too hard and as soon as my body tells me it's had enough, that's me stopping so that my legs don't give way underneath me again.

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