Thursday 27 January 2022

Mornin' all

Been awake for 5 hours and kept forgetting to start blogging!

So far today I've:

  • Run the daily virus scan
  • Checked my email
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Done the admin on a forum
  • Got breakfast for my carer
  • Done my morning laps

I've just finished over an hour of exercise and just by having sips of water as I was doing them, I feel considerably better than I have over the last 10 days, so I reckon today's water bottle delivery will be invaluable!  I thought it would maybe last me for 2 days worth of laps before it needed to be filled, but just based on this morning I reckon I'll get through a full one each time I do the laps lol  Taking my cardigan off before I started significantly helped with the overheating/sweating too, so I just need to take my cardi off and have a full bottle of water this afternoon so that I'm hopefully more able to function lol

My carer has got 2 medical appointments later on today, so I'm planning on using the time to relax and recover from this morning.  Might do the other set of laps before he goes, but I'll see how I feel and listen to what my body tells me.

Need to go and check the water and seed levels for the wild birds to, so I might go and do that now so that I know that it's done and dusted for a little while.


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