Friday 14 January 2022

Lunch eaten...

...t'was just a Graze sea salt crunch, 19 raspberries and 25 blueberries, but my body is feeling sooo glad that I've put so much fruit into it today.

Steve doesn't want his hot dogs for lunch 'cos he's "still bloated from breakfast" so it's very much make-do day for me today and we're having the hot dogs next Sunday instead of the cous cous.  We're having the lasagnes tomorrow and a full Sunday roast with plenty of veggies on Sunday then another 4 meals with vegetables next week, so that we can use them up.

It'll be a mango and blueberry smoothie for tomorrow's breakfast 'cos they both go out of date on the same day, so it'll be another day with loadsa fruit, which is fine by me!  I've always preferred natural sweetness of fruit and veg to the sugar that's added to a lot of other sweet treats and usually even to chocolate... fruit chocolate is the best of both worlds for me though, and now that I've found Pure Heavenly I can eat as much chocolate as I want without getting an allergic reaction, which is even better!

Steve's just woken up and finished his second bottle of juice, so I'll go and take them out to the recycling box and try and remember to fill up my bottle with squash before I come in, like I've forgotten 3 times so far lol

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