Friday 21 January 2022

Feeling really...

...proud of myself this morning, 'cos I've already crossed three things off today's to-do list so I've only got 2 things left to do and might even be able to sneak in a touch of studying today too!

My current to-do list for the rest of the day now looks like this:

  • Monitor my carer's reaction to his new milk
  • Re-start my laps again
  • Potentially make lunch for my carer
  • Support friends
  • Charge up my FitBit
  • Study


My carer didn't have any negative reaction to his new milk, so that's that sorted then and means that he should avoid lactose, but apparently he's fine with his yoghurts, so I'll just keep getting the lactose free milk with our shopping from now on... expensive, but if it helps him to feel better about having his breakfast without feeling ill then so be it!


I've done my laps which lasted for 44 minutes and I managed to clock up about 4,000 steps in that time, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with that and have just gotta do the same again this afternoon to hit my "seriously impressed" target of 10k steps.


I'm guzzling my way through a pint of cream soda as a reward and might take a shot of B12 later to try and help my body to recover a bit quicker.

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