Tuesday 25 January 2022

Had a busy day today...

...after our shopping arrived and had been put away (solely by me I hasten to add), I spent 5 hours caring for my carer and reading then reviewing a children's book.

I'm all read and reviewed out for the day now though, so I'll go and fill my bottle with squash then relax for the rest of the afternoon.  I was pondering on doing more laps this afternoon, but I think I've decided against that now... I'm giving my poor legs a rest.

Someone was supposed to pick up the Quorn today, but there's been a family illness today so she's gonna pick it up tomorrow instead.  Steve's getting his glasses fitted between 12pm and 5pm tomorrow as well so I bet they will both come together lol

Gotta remember not to open my emails tomorrow 'cos of the weekly virus scan then the backups... it's a busy start to the week this week lol

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