Wednesday 26 January 2022

Virus scan finished, back-ups underway...

...carer cared for and now awake, getting washed at the kitchen sink.

It'll be instant soup (made by me) for my carer today and I'll polish of the remainder of my Graze box and packet of biscuits, then I'll only eat when my carer cooks for the rest of the week.  I doubt I'll eat anything tomorrow 'cos he's got a medical appointment in the morning so won't be able to motivate himself to cook when he gets back, Friday he will still "feel too knackered after yesterday, sorry" and I bet he'll find an excuse not to cook at the weekend either.  I'm predicting that today will be the last day I eat anything and that my carer won't cook at all this week, so I doubt I'll get an hour of care out of him for the entire week.

I've done my exercises now and my OCD is nagging at me for not doing a single minute more so that I could get to a nice, round number lol

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