Monday 24 January 2022

Brought the rubbish sack in and...

...we're definitely having a home-cooked meal today 'cos it's already bubbling away in the slow cooker.  Apparently it'll be a late lunch 'cos my carer didn't put it on to cook until after 10am and apparently "it takes at least 4 hours to cook" so it'll be at least 2.30pm before it's dished up, but that's totally OK with me, I'm just glad we're eating a home-cooked meal to start the week off with is all.

After a week without any caffeine last week, this morning's "dose" is going through me at rate of knotts lol.

My carer has just said to go out and give our lunch a stir again and we'll just be having it in bowls with no rice, which is fine by me!

Need to remember to charge my FitBit up after lunch, so that it still keeps recording my sleep and steps... you watch me forget though lol

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