Monday 17 January 2022

Mornin' all

Can I just start off by saying that I need to add another hour to yesterday's and therefore the week's total again.  My carer fell asleep just as I was shutting down for the night, so I had to stay down until he woke up again.  Last week's total finally finished at 86 hours and 24 minutes and I've already cared for my carer for ¾ of an hour this morning and he's just demanded his breakfast, so I'd best go and get it for him when he wakes up.


Forgot to publish this again lol  


I've now given my carer his breakfast, taken my morning pills, weighed myself and put the FitBit spreadsheet on my site.  I've put on weight somehow this week, so other than my Graze box, I'll only be eating when my carer cooks and drinking water instead of pop or hot drinks this week, so I can see myself only eating a couple of times in 7 days instead of 14 times like my carer claims he does.

Our rubbish and recycling is due to be collected today, so I'll bring the bags and box in when that's done and dusted.


I've just started the daily virus scan and woken my carer up so that he didn't knock his bottles of juice off the arm of his chair... bet he'll be asleep before he finishes drinking them though!  Yep, he's already fallen asleep with an open bottle of juice in his hand, so I reckon today is gonna be one of those days.

Time to go and refill my glass with water to keep me going today.  Because I won't be eating very much I reckon it'll be another high hydration week again.

The virus scan's just finished and, reassuringly, my machine is still free of nasties.

I think I'll restart doing my laps this week... 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes after lunch to try and lose the weight I need to lose to get into the ideal weight range for my height.

Our groceries are due tomorrow, so considering that I'll just be drinking water this week, I can take all of my pop off to remove the temptation.

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