Monday 24 January 2022

Today's (24th January) lunch photo

T'was a particularly nice bowlful of vegan chilli (without rice) to start the week off with and was only 337 calories too, so I've still got over 500 calories left to consume, but don't think I will 'cos I'm nicely full and anything else would make me bloated.

Steve (my hubby/carer/chef) said he "enjoyed making our lunch today 'cos I didn't have to stand over the hob for half an hour".  At some point in future we might have a stew but we reckon we'll put our slow cooker to a lot more use now, assuming we can come up with other vegan recipe ideas that take as little preparation as possible... I'd love to hear your ideas for other things that we can try!  Please?

Here's today's photo:

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