Monday 31 January 2022

First day this week without food

Just asked Steve what we are going to have for lunch and he's said "not that hungry to be honest" so he won't be cooking today and I'll have to make sandwiches for his lunch at about 2pm because he'll be hungry then.  Because it'll be after lunchtime he won't be able to motivate himself to cook lunch and I don't eat in the evenings but he'll want toast or sandwiches again so I'll be making all three of his meals today and I'll be going hungry.

The groceries are due tomorrow, so he won't want to cook then either so that's two days without anything other than water in my belly.  My virus scan starts on Wednesday and he's got a medical appointment too, so he won't be cooking then either.  Thursday rolls around and I'm predicting that he won't be cooking then either which brings us to Friday and he won't be able to motivate himself to cook then either because "it's almost the weekend".  I'll make another prediction - he'll promise that he'll "definitely cook tomorrow" at least twice this week.  


I don't reckon I'll be getting any meals this week at all, but I'll be making every one of Steve's.

At least it'll mean that I lose even more weight when I weigh myself again next week.

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