Wednesday 26 January 2022

Mornin' all

I've been awake for less than an hour and every minute has been spent caring for my carer so far.  I'm at 27 hours and 2 minutes so far this week and my carer is at 22 minutes, so I've only got 7 hours and 58 minutes left to care for my carer before I start working overtime and my carer has got 34 hours and 38 minutes left to care for me this week which is just under 7 hours a day which he's never done since I first got ill back in 1999 so I can't see it happening this week either.


The weekly virus scan is underway and it's already done over 40% in less than an hour too!

I've just had the reminder come up for my morning pills, so I'd best take them now, brb.

OK, that's my morning pills down the hatch and my mobile charging up, so I'm gonna have something from my Graze box for breakfast now then carry on with my day.

My carer has just gone back to sleep, so I'd better take his bowl out to the kitchen first, before he knocks it off and it smashes.  He's got someone coming out to fit his new glasses this afternoon too, so hopefully he won't need me to read anything else for him after that.

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