Tuesday 25 January 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

After what I was hoping would be an early night, it turned out to be a late one after all, same as always.  I ended up caring for my carer for just over 13 hours yesterday, plus the 2 hours worth of exercising meant that I was wiped out by the time I crawled into bed last night.

I advertised 3 packets of Quorn mince on Olio last night and they are being picked up this afternoon with any luck - talk about rapid!  They mess up Steve's stomach for some reason, so we're gonna stick to Linda Mc Cartney for a while 'cos that's soya instead of mycoprotein and we tried it for the first time with our lunch yesterday and we were both fine with it, so we'll stick with that for a while at least.

I've taken my morning pills and set the daily virus scan running (still clear, thankfully) so I'm gonna go and do my first set of laps at 7.30am, hopefully for an hour again, but I'm gonna be listening to my body throughout and I'll stop when it tells me to.  I'm certainly not gonna do more than an hour twice a day though, that really will be my limit.

I've still got 6 cookies left to eat from two days ago 'cos they sent 9 instead of 3 for some reason lol

Our groceries are due this morning too, so I wanna get the laps over and done with well before then, so I'm gonna go for a wee then make a start on them.


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