Thursday 20 January 2022

It's official...

...we're not having any lunch today "but tomorrow will be a combination of all the days we've missed this week, so it'll be vegan sausage rolls, hash browns and oodles of veg" so I'll be having one home-cooked meal this week instead of the 14 my carer tells everyone that he makes for me.

He wants a double curry MugShot (made by me) for his lunch today and I won't be safe enough on my feet to make anything for myself, so I'll be going hungry today or might dig into the seeds that I re-found yesterday if I get too hungry.

I'm gonna give myself a break from the exercises today, considering how few calories I'll be having today and it prolly wouldn't be safe after yesterday's 80 minutes either, so today is gonna be my recovery day this week.

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