Tuesday 26 October 2021

As I predicted again this morning...

...my carer isn't cooking again, despite promising that he would every time I've mentioned it since the weekend.  His "definitely tomorrow though, promise" is worthless until it actually happens 'cos out of the four meals he says he cooks for me, he's actually cooked bugger all of them and has relied on me to get his meals out of the fridge for him too.  Out of a potential five meals that he's had yesterday and today, they have all been made by me - he hasn't even prepared one of them - not even getting things out of the fridge.

Without being pessimistic, I don't reckon he'll cook at all this week and I've got nothing that I can have (he's got sandwich spreads and a pork pie) that doesn't need cooking, so it'll be dairy-free chocolate and biscuits for me while my carer expects me to make him a proper lunch each day, just like yesterday and today.

I'm gonna go and make myself some bread and spread and make lunch for my carer at the same time.  Again.  Then go and sort out the wild birds' water as well, like my carer promised that he'd help with last week.

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