Sunday 17 October 2021

Just got back and...

...because I ate at 4pm and we didn't leave until 6.30pm, I won't be taking either of my night-time pills tonight so I'll be having maybe 6 hours of sleep before it all starts again tomorrow, but my carer's put his legs up and is asleep within seconds, so I can guarantee that he won't be supporting me for the rest of the night, yet will still be expecting me to care for him.  The current care totals for the week look like this:

weekly care by my carer:  53 minutes
weekly care by me:  over 80 hours and counting

So my carer didn't even care for me for an hour all week combined, yet I've already more than doubled the required amount and doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon tonight.  He's made one meal for us and I've made 12 of the 14, yet apparently he cooks every meal for me and I do bugger all to care for or support him.

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