Sunday 31 October 2021

After a morning that was waaay too early...

...I've already had enough for the day so here's the weekly totals of care, for at least 2 weeks (because of NaNo and my Covid jab) - not quite an 80 hour week, but not too far off it:

Steve's care of me:  5 minutes
My care of Steve:  78 hours 15 minutes

So I'm significantly over double the time required to be recognised as a carer and Steve is 34 hours and 55 minutes under the required time.  Again.

See you all back with the weekly care totals in a couple of weeks.

Behave yourselves and look after each other while I'm gone.

See you back again properly as soon as I'm able to.


Nite nite and TTFN orl.


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    1. Thank you Tracy! After a sllllooooowwww start, I managed to finish the day on 8,000 words so I'm pretty chuffed with that. Tomorrow is gonna be another slow day 'cos we're having our groceries delivered and I can pretty much guarantee that my carer won't bring it in and put it away, so it'll be down to me again, despite my carers promises yesterday and today. When that's out of the way, I'll be able to knuckle down to my writing on Sunday again, so I'm hoping for at least a few days of 8,000 words written between Wednesday and Saturday... please keep your fingers crossed for me! :-)