Thursday 28 October 2021

As I thought... carer had his lunch then fell asleep pretty much straight after, so after a very light breakfast and no lunch, I'm seriously hungry now but I've gotta wait until I wake up tomorrow morning and go and make our breakfasts.  I'll be having another light breakfast but I'll hopefully finish off the box then not have breakfast until I've finished NaNo and only have a mug of instant soup for lunch each day.  I'm pretty much guaranteed to not have breakfast all weekend 'cos otherwise there will be half a box of wasted cereal.  I'll make my carer's, just not my own.  It's only for a couple of weeks, twice a year but I bet my carer will still expect me to care for him while I'm trying to write.

My carer wants a curry delivered for his tea tomorrow, which he's expecting me to pay for even though I won't even be having a single grain of rice.  He's got an at-home sight test at the start of February which I'll be paying for as well, along with his new frames and lenses which'll pretty much completely use up my entire savings yet he hasn't got me a gift for any occasion since I first became ill in 1999.  He hasn't even picked a flower for me for free, let alone a card, yet I've got him a gift for every occasion since I've known him.

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