Saturday 16 October 2021

Knew it was too good to be true!

While I was in the barely tepid bath, Steve got washed at the kitchen sink and by the time I got out of the bath half an hour later he said that he wasn't going to cook for lunch today after all and that he would just have crisps and biscuits instead.

I'm going to have raspberries for my lunch by the looks of things again then.  He won't cook tomorrow 'cos we're going for his "birthday lunch" at his folks, so he's lied yet again about how much he cooks for me - only one cooked meal this week out of the 14 that he says he does.  He says he makes all the hot drinks too, even though he hasn't made a single one for the last (hold on while I check the spreadsheet) - he made a hot drink for me on 25th June but nothing since then, so that's another lie he tells everyone who will listen.


I've just added up the totals for the amount of care my carer has provided since I started recording it 17 weeks ago - 42 hours and 49 minutes yet he is supposed to care for me for a minimum of 35 hours a week to be considered a carer.  I hit 42 hours before lunchtime on a Thursday every week, but apparently I'm not a carer and don't do anything to support him and my carer does everything for me, yet he's only 7 hours past that after 16 weeks combined.


Time to stop ranting and open up my raspberries ready for my lunch now... I'm just grateful that I was able to have breakfast after all otherwise I wouldn't have even made it to 200 calories again today.  I'm gonna have to pig out tomorrow in case it's the same next week too.




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