Monday 25 October 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

According to my FitBit I had over 9½ hours of sleep and I feel significantly better for it too.

The recyclers are here, so I'm gonna go and bring it all in - brb!

Back now.

I've taken my morning pills, run the daily virus scan (still clear, thankfully), supported a friend and cared for my carer for 90 minutes so far this morning.  When he wakes up I'll go and make his breakfast for him then wait for the rubbish to be collected so that I can bring the sack in and get on with my reading again until our groceries are delivered after lunch.  Without being too pessimistic, I doubt my carer will make our lunch, so I'll have to make it for him again and I won't be eating anything again 'cos I wouldn't be able to stay upright for long enough to do two lunches, just like I can't do both breakfasts without a break in between them.  I might go and make my breakfast now so that I've hopefully recovered enough by the time he wakes up enough to eat his own.

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