Wednesday 27 October 2021

Shoulda known better

Got under 2 hours to care for my carer tomorrow to hit the minimum required for the week to be classed as a carer and so far this week I've had absolutely zero care from my carer.


Tomorrow Steve's having breakfast and lunch and I'll only be having breakfast... scratch that - I've just had to dress the back of his thigh again so I'm now wide awake and he'll be asleep within seconds, so I'll have to keep caring for him and fuck my body's need for an early night tonight.  I stand a good chance of hitting 10 hours of care today, despite him being out of the house for almost 2 hours this morning which means there will be an hour and 16 minutes to hit the required time, which I can pretty much guarantee will be done before I make breakfast for him.


At least I'll have 10 days off, with any luck, starting on Monday - I'm certainly not gonna spend 10 hours a day caring for him and he'll have to make his own meals 'cos I'm not gonna have breakfast and my lunch will be an instant soup and I'm certainly not gonna make anything just for him for those ten days, so he'll have to put up and shut up as far as I'm concerned.

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