Tuesday 19 October 2021

Mornin' all

According to my FitBit I had 9 hours and 47 minutes of sleep last night and was awake 9 times but not restless even once but I'm feeling absolutely hideous this morning.

I wanna go back to bed, but Steve's got a couple of deliveries coming this morning which he's assuming I'll bring in for him, so I can't.

I've taken my morning pills and squirted the B12 too, so hopefully that'll kick in soon 'cos he wants me to make his breakfast too... doesn't seem to matter that I'm not feeling up to doing anything and my body is pleading with me to go back to bed.

I'm gonna make myself some breakfast to see if that helps to ease how I'm feeling at all 'cos "it's too early for my breakfast" according to my carer, so I'm gonna do mine first then hope I've recovered in time for when my carer decides it's time for his breakfast.

He's just woken up and said that he's "gonna be like a 4 year old and have cake for breakfast" so I'll be able to have breakfast for the first time in getting on for a week this morning after all.

See you all later.

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