Saturday 16 October 2021

Pills taken now, so...

...I've just gotta wait for my carer to wake up so that I can do his breakfast for him, then I'll have a bath ready for tomorrow and spend the rest of the day caring for my carer again.

It's Saturday today and I haven't even had an hour of care out of my carer so far this week, yet I've already cared for him for over 58 hours so far this week.  Because of having the bath (assuming Steve hasn't used all the hot water) it'll only be about 10 hours of care today and because of spending all afternoon (and probably a good chunk of the evening too) with his family tomorrow, it'll prolly be a 70 hour week of care this week and, assuming my carer does cook for lunch, I might get 1½ hours of care out of him this week.

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