Wednesday 27 October 2021

As predicted...

Steve's not gonna cook today either so I'm gonna have to go and do his lunch for him for the third day on the trot, yet apparently he "cooks all the meals" so should have cooked 6 meals by now, right?  So far he hasn't made a single meal for me this week and I've made 100% of them for him.

I'm gonna go and make his sandwiches in a bit, then bring in the fruit for my smoothie again.  I'm making a prediction for tomorrow lunchtime - he won't cook then either, so I'll be making both meals for him then too, same on Friday and both days of the weekend, then it's NaNo on Monday so he won't be cooking for me for at least 10 days 'cos I'll be having instant soup for my only meal until I've written the final word and I can pretty much guarantee that he won't want to cook after that either.  Might get two or three cooked meals at the start of December then he'll be "preparing for my mum's huge Christmas dinner" so I'll be going hungry then too, then it's JanNo so I'll be living off instant soup for the first half of January then it'll all start all over again. He'll still tell everyone that he makes every meal and supports me all day, every day though 😠

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