Saturday 30 October 2021

Last breakfast photo 'til after NaNo

I finished off the box of cereal for this breakfast and I don't want to open a box just for a single meal, so I'm not gonna be eating anything else now until after I've finished my NaNo novel.  


I'm not gonna be having breakfasts and my lunches will be a mug of instant zoop so I won't be taking photos of that either.  I've got my Covid jab in a couple of weeks too, so won't feel up to eating much for at least a week after I've had it, thanks to the nausea, so I'm gonna be having a very empty stomach for the majority of November.  I'm gonna be having a very light breakfast before I go for it, 'cos lining my stomach significantly reduced the time I was feeling sick for.  


I'm getting off the point of this whole blog post though, so I'll shut up and upload the photo now lol

We're potentially having a proper, round, pizza at some point after I've recovered from NaNo and the jab so hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of November/start of December.

It's looking doubtful that I'll be having any lunch again today, so it might be biscuits yet again, in which case I won't take a photo, but if I do have a proper lunch then I'll take a photo for you all.

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