Thursday 28 October 2021


...3 hours of overtime already and my carer wants curry instead of his burgers today, paid for by me and eaten by him but he will be too full to have it for his tea, so he wants his burgers today, nothing for lunch tomorrow, in preparation for his curry for tea tomorrow, which means that I won't have had any lunches for 5 days, I don't have tea 'cos it makes me feel sick when I lay down, so I will have had 7 breakfasts and that's it this week, yet he will have had 21 meals by Sunday.

NaNo starts on Monday so it'll be another 21 meals for my carer and 7 instant soups a week until at least the 10th but I'll be surviving on liquid (soups for lunch and J2O's each time I hit 5k words in one day).

I really have had as much as I can take of him being my carer and telling everyone he does everything for me when in reality he spends less than 2 hours a week caring for me, yet expects 80 hours of care from me without giving me any credit at all.

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